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What Is a Primary Care?

Primary care Doctors are the first line of care for any non-emergency medical condition. As your health provider, a Primary care Doctor also takes care of long-term issues to ensure good health as we age. It is common for medical insurance companies to require that the patient is established with a Primary Care Physician in order to be referred to see a specialist. A primary care physician should also be visited within a week of being discharged from a hospital for the proper continuance of care, which avoids complications of health issues and returning to the hospital.

Primary care physicians can help you:

  • Diagnose and treat disease.
  • Monitor personal health over a lifetime.
  • Offer medical counseling for long-term conditions.
  • Refer to a specialist for more complex treatments.
  • Find the right next step in treating a complex condition.
  • Control your chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, among others.

To achieve the best health status over the upcoming years of a patient’s life, much of a Primary Care Doctor’s job is preventative care. They can help you avoid encountering serious and painful medical conditions that may reveal themselves with age. For example, adjusting a patient’s diet to naturally reduce blood pressure or to control diabetes to avoid neuropathy. 

Our Area of Expertise

Here we focus on 2 areas of care:

  • Internal Medicine – Diagnosing and treating the most common ailments such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, skin conditions, anxiety and depression.
  • Minor surgical procedures – Skin tags and warts removal, wound sutures, abscesses, cyst incisions and drain, ingrown toenails, ear lavage.
Primary care doctor discussing the condition with the patient

Primary care doctor taking care of the child patient

Medicis Primary Care Provides Low-Cost, Preventive Care

A major factor in staying the healthiest version of yourself is by visiting your doctor often enough to detect and prevent chronic illnesses. Many extremely common long-term illnesses do not present any alarming issues until irreversible damage is done and secondary issues arise. Issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease are conditions that go largely unnoticed when they first appear but can cause reduced organ function, chronic pain, and even shorten one’s lifetime. A yearly physical examination is recommended, including blood tests. For your convenience, we draw your blood in our Clinic, saving you a trip to the laboratory. Primary care physicians are the first stop for your overall health and are usually less expensive than consulting with a specialist for an individual issue. Studies have shown that patients with easy access to a primary care physician typically spend less on health services and have better overall health. This is because regular Primary Care visits help avoid those costly medical problems that can appear if not prevented or treated early. An annual physical exam, including blood tests, is recommended. For your convenience, we collect your blood sample at our clinic, thus avoiding another visit to the lab. At Medicis Primary Care, we help patients stay healthy and save money. Do you need to make an appointment? Call our caring staff today!

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Medicis Primary Care team has been diligently serving Las Vegas for over ten years and has treated over 15,000 patients throughout the Valley. We take pride in providing quality care and affordable cash rates that make healthcare accessible to all.

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